Walk the Walk With New Urbanism

As soon as you arrive at Union Village, you’ll know it’s a different kind of community. You might be reminded of the eternally sunny town featured in the movie The Truman Show. That story did take place in a real New Urbanist community: Seaside, Florida. J&K Custom Homes, one of the builders featured in this year’s Homearama, recently talked more about New Urbanism and the friendly communities it creates on their blog.  

Living the Pedestrian Life 

The blog points out just a few of the highlights of these types of communities, which are based on “an urban design model that prioritizes nearby shops, walkable streets and lively public spaces.”

The community design ripples out to the homes that will be part of the neighborhood, too. You’ll find houses that are placed closer to the sidewalk, with welcoming front porches. Cars park around back, in rear-loading garages. A variety of home sizes and available townhomes make New Urbanist communities appealing to a range of people and lifestyles.

It’s great to be pedestrian-friendly, but where will you walk to? The J&K blog points out that shops, restaurants and offices are all part of New Urbanist plans. Following the approach, Union Village already has a central market area and services for residents like medical offices and a bank branch. Much more will come as the community builds out with thousands of new residents over the coming years. 

Plan Your Visit  

Experience New Urbanism in practice at Homearama Lifestyle Edition 2021. Get your tickets now to see Union Village and tour stunning new homes in a refreshingly different community. While you are planning your day, please make sure you visit the Homearama events page and plan your day – including the exclusive Warped Wednesday (pre-registration required) or the Kids Construction Day (pre-registration required). See you at the show!