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Nine Smart tech Products for whole-home systems


The Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker feature an integrated Harman Kardon speaker in the center of the showerhead, attached via a magnetic docking system. The speaker is IPX7-rated waterproof, specifically designed to overcome shower noise, and may be removed and used anywhere on six-hour battery life. The showerhead itself offers full-body spray coverage in a ring surrounding the speaker and comes in a white or black finish with stainless steel trim. The system is available in two models: Bluetooth and AI with Amazon Alexa.


The Sharp Built-In Microwave Drawer with Wi-Fi connectivity is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing smart home systems. Using the Sharp Kitchen app, homeowners can send cooking instructions to the drawer, save favorite menu items, and access smart sensor cooking options. The drawer is available in a stainless-steel finish with a black glass front, concealed glass touch controls, and a motion sensor for “wave to open” operation. Mounting options include a “proud mount” or a flush mount with airflow control.


Haven provides a centralized control system for ecobee’s existing SmartThermostat and SmartSensors, as well as two new products: a SmartCamera and SmartSensors for doors and windows. The system’s Autopilot feature utilizes machine learning to identify user patterns and adjust security functions, including automatic arming or disarming of the alarm system. This, according to the manufacturer, eliminates the need for entry or exit devices, as the system can distinguish residents from intruders.


The Loox5 system includes a new series of narrower LED strip lights, which offer increased lighting quality and a 50,000-hour guaranteed lifetime; new profiles for recess and surface mounting; a modular and flexible distribution system, and drivers designed for continuous operation. Available with the system is the Häfele Connect Mesh network, which works with the Häfele Connect Mesh app to operate Häfele products across the home.

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