Keeping Up With The Best Trends Pt. 2

5 Popular Questions About PVC Decking

As decking experts, we have an insider’s perspective when it comes to innovative building materials and new design trends. So, what’s captured our attention recently?  Wood-emulating PVC deck boards. And we aren’t alone—a recent survey among dealers found that 62 percent have seen a significant increase in lumber-alternative sales over the last three years. [source:QR]


Deck Designs To Spark Your Imagination

  • Herringbone for a Modern Look – Herringbone pattern, also known as broken twill weave, is a popular design choice for interior flooring and is often now seen in deck design. The “V” shape is an attractive element and can be used as a focal point, a border, or throughout the entire surface.
  • Diagonal Lines for a Captivating Design – Give your deck the illusion of a spacious footprint by installing your new deck boards diagonally. Does your deck have multiple levels? Installing your boards in alternating directions will emulate a sense of ornateness with minimal effort
  • Breaker Boards for a Uniform Appearance – Breaker boards to illustrate your decking style are ideal for homes boasting a more traditional sense of allure. If you live in a century-old farmhouse, a modern look of herringbone may look out of place. However, the contemporary feel of breaker boards will match the time period of your home while still giving it a renewed sense of style.

The Ultimate Curb Appeal

Create a Statement

Don’t be afraid to go bold and create a statement with your front door. Your front door can easily represent your design style and personality. Some updates for a fresh look can include painting the door for a pop of color, incorporating seasonal wreaths for decoration, or updating with a new door handle and hardware.

Floor Renovation

Don’t let your doormat be the only thing that says “welcome.” Greet guests with a stylish extension of your home – the front porch. The first step to having eye-catching curb appeal is modernizing your porch flooring. By choosing a classic color such as gray, brown, or cream tones, you won’t have to worry about your porch looking outdated.