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House Passes Infrastructure Bill

November 8, 2021

NAHB The House late last night passed the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill approved by the Senate and President Biden will sign the measure into law shortly. NAHB supports the infrastructure bill, which will make much-needed improvements to the nation’s roads, bridges, broadband, and public transportation network. This bill, titled the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs […]

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In the Pavilion: Get Inspired to Show Your Home Some Love

October 10, 2021

As you explore the gorgeous homes at this year’s Homearama show, you might be inspired to make changes to your current home. At the Pavilion tent at the show, representatives from local home improvement contractors will be ready to assist you with any questions you may have about upgrading your house.  Planes Moving & Storage […]

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Walk the Walk With New Urbanism

October 7, 2021

As soon as you arrive at Union Village, you’ll know it’s a different kind of community. You might be reminded of the eternally sunny town featured in the movie The Truman Show. That story did take place in a real New Urbanist community: Seaside, Florida. J&K Custom Homes, one of the builders featured in this […]

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Homearama: The Freshest Looks and Design Trends

October 7, 2021

Every home in this year’s Homearama show has its own personality, but we did spot a few eye-catching design trends popping up all over Union Village. We can’t wait to hear about your favorite looks.  Dramatic Colors Blues to greens to grays, saturated colors spice up accent walls, or in some cases, entire rooms in […]

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Homerama Events for Week 2

Event Roundup: Homearama Events for October 9 – 17

October 6, 2021

Homearama® Lifestyle Edition is fully in motion at Union Village! In addition to the 11 gorgeous new homes to visit in a charming new community, there’s also a full calendar of fun events. There’s something for everyone: special programs for kids, free admission for military personnel on appreciation day, football tailgating fun, adoptable pets and […]

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Searching for Fun? Join the Homearama Scavenger Hunt

October 5, 2021

Look closely and you’ll find more than just great decorating ideas at this year’s Homearama® show at Union Village. We’re adding to the fun by including a Homearama scavenger hunt everyone can join in.  Start by looking for this page in your guidebook:  As you explore the show, search for 11 “lost keys” in the […]

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Event Roundup: Homearama Events for October 2 – 8

September 29, 2021

Homearama Lifestyle Edition will be here in just a few days at Union Village! In addition to the 11 gorgeous new homes to visit in a charming new community, there’s also a full calendar of fun events. With something for everyone, find your favorite and start planning your visit. Here’s the roundup of events for […]

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Sneak Peek! The Latest Homerama Trends

September 22, 2021

One of the best parts of Homearama® is seeing all the latest home trends (then returning home with your own design ideas flowing). Though we still have another week before Homearama Lifestyle Edition opens, you can get a sneak peek at the latest Homearama trends right now.  Our goal at this year’s Homearama is to […]

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Meet the Homearama builders

Meet Our Featured Homearama Builders

September 9, 2021

While the show location of Union Village is getting a lot of attention…and rightfully so, it’s the Homearama® builders who deserve to be in the spotlight. These 10 local businesses are working tirelessly to create houses and townhouses that will delight the crowd and showcase the best in custom building in 2021. Each show home […]

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New Urbanism 101: A Human-Approach to Neighborhoods

August 31, 2021

It won’t be long before the 2021 Homearama® Lifestyle Edition presented by CenterPoint Energy kicks off at Union Village, a brand new hometown built on the principles of new urbanism. This new community has an undeniable charm, and we’re certain Homearama Lifestyle Edition visitors will fall in love.  But what exactly is New Urbanism, the […]

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