Searching for Fun? Join the Homearama Scavenger Hunt

Look closely and you’ll find more than just great decorating ideas at this year’s Homearama® show at Union Village. We’re adding to the fun by including a Homearama scavenger hunt everyone can join in. 

Start by looking for this page in your guidebook: 

Homearama scavenger hunt sheet

As you explore the show, search for 11 “lost keys” in the show houses. Write down the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to each key to uncover the 12-letter key code. Once you’ve figured it out, follow these steps to be entered to win great prizes for your next home improvement project like a $250 gift card to Morris Home Furnishings and more:

Step 1

Take a group photo, selfie or photo of your favorite spot at the show. All photos must be taken at Union Village/Homearama during your time at the show. 

Step 2

Post your photo on Instagram or Facebook and be sure to tag @HBADayton on Instagram or @DaytonHomearama on Facebook.  

Step 3

Enter the key code you uncovered at to finalize your entry for the Homearama scavenger hunt.

That’s all you need to do! Keep your eyes peeled for those keys as you tour the show’s 11 homes. Winners will be contacted by email by November 5, 2021. 

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